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July 24, 2018 Armoire Ideas

Building Closet Armoire

Closet armoire – Use cabinets to sort your clothes or accessories by type, or just let them function as an open storage substitute for an agency. Minimize your work time by using solid wood boards instead of cutting plywood into the necessary board sizes

Cabinet Closet Armoire

Cabinet Closet Armoire


12 Inspiration Gallery from Building Closet Armoire

Image of: Original Closet Armoire
Image of: Black Closet Armoire
Image of: White Closet Armoire
Image of: Unique Closet Armoire
Image of: Traditional Closet Armoire
Image of: Simple Closet Armoire
Image of: Rustic Closet Armoire
Image of: Interest Closet Armoire
Image of: Closet Armoire Plan
Image of: Closet Armoire Kit
Image of: Closet Armoire Custom
Image of: Cabinet Closet Armoire

Determine the desired height of your closet armoire and cut 1.-Of -12-inch wood with this height measurement. Cut 12-inch discs if you want the cupboards to be 1 foot high. Determine how many cabinet sections can be made on each shelf. If your shelf is 4 feet wide and each compartment measures 1 foot wide, cut three pieces of 1-of -12-inch wood to your length measurement. Cut the same amount of divider for each shelf.

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Mount Closet Electric Cabinet

Mark the position of each shelf on the wall and nail 12-inch, 1-of -1-inch wooden drawers to the closet armoire where the ends of the shelves should rest. Spike 1- of -12-inch wood pieces to the walls with the pneumatic nail gun and dive or with a hammer and 2-inch finishing nails. Lay every 1.-Of -12-inch wooden shelf aboard 1- of -1-inch wooden shelving. The nail shelf boards in the shelf support at each end. Set the dividing line boards vertically between each shelf and evenly spacing them according to the width measurement of each cabinet. Apply a string of wood to the top and bottom of each divider, and nail each divider in its upper and lower shelves with pneumatic nail gun and dive or a hammer and finishing nails.

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